Hi I have a list of some Hounsell wills proved in Dorset probate courts before about 1800 which I can post to the list if it would be of interest Regards Maureen Bowler Caerphilly, South Wales

I've been reading the recent postings about Dorset Hounsells with much interest - great effort. However, my Hounsells are from Sussex and my earliest record is that of Henry Hounsell born about 1775. I don't know where he was born, but he married Elizabeth Watson in Whatlington Sussex. Could anyone link into the Sussex Hounsells? Sue White New Zealand

Hi, There is a list of some Hounsell (and variants) Wills/Admons. Hope they will be of interest.

Consistory Court Of Dorset 1681-1792 (part of Diocese of Bristol)

  Residence Proved   Ref
John Hounsell the Elder Litton Cheney 1716   Will
Simon Marshwood 1685   Will
Susannah Symondsbury 1693   Admon
Archdeaconry Court Of Dorset 1568-1792 (part of Diocese of Bristol) - Wills
Susannah Hounsell Over Compton 1568   20
Giles Bridport 1660   4
Thomas Bridport 1699   4
William Bridport 1700   11
Robert (Snr) Nettlecombe 1710   20
William Bridport 1719   3
Mary Whitchurch Canonicorum 1728   66
Matthew Symondsbury 1757   35
John Bridport 1759   14
John Bridport 1776   7
Robert Bradpole 1784   6
William Cranborne 1716   6
Archdeaconry Court Of Dorset 1568-1792 (part of Diocese of Bristol) - Admons
Robert Hounsell Bridport 1670   8
Elizabeth Bridport 1677   6
Robert Symondsbury 1692   58
Sarah Bridport 1712   14
Robert Nettlecombe 1739   22
Robert Symondsbury 1740   32
Edmund Poorstock 1756   21
Ann Hawkchurch 1771   12

The above information is taken from British Record Series Vol 22 These 2 ecclesiastical probate courts continued to prove wills/grant adminstrations up until 1857 (I don't have a list of the later ones) All these are held at Dorset Record Office and have also been filmed by the LDS and can be ordered for viewing at their Family History Centres There were also some smaller courts (peculiars) that could prove wills in Dorset up until the same date and some Dorset wills may have been proved in London at the PCC (Prerogative Court of Canterbury) - usually wealthier folk or those that died abroad e.g. servicemen. After 1858, there are annual national indexes of wills& admons proved in England & Wales Regards Maureen Caerphilly, South Wales


Hello all, I spent the day today at the National Library in Wellington. Didn't get any time to use the newspapers, sorry. How ever I now have transcripts of all the Hounsell's on the 1851 census for Dorset, I only had time to photo copy the Hounsell's for Bridport for 1891, I hope to get back down and transcribe all of Dorset 1891 but it takes for ever. I started at 9am this morning and finished the 1851 by 12.30, then had to, time is so cruel. So if you would like me to lookup names I will be happy to but if you can wait, over the weekend if I have time I will put them all into a database then will post them on the list. I will get round to doing it eventually. I also have the Hounsell's for Jersey 1851 and 71 Kind regards Sue Greene.


Hello Sue - I can't help you really - but in case you haven't already found this one, there was a William OWNSEL baptised in 1575 at East Grinstead. And in 1652 Robert son of Robert was born at Brighton. There seem to have been quite a few Williams - e.g.William b1793 at Battle, son of William and Ann, and William & Sarah at Sidlesham who had son Jacob in 1773. Good luck, Karen

Thanks Karen, I appreciate any help given. While I can't tap into those names yet, someday I might be able to. Sue White

Don't know if these were ever connected to HOUNSELLS: Petrus Anselmus 1192 SSX John Auncel 1327 SSX Peter Hansell c1555 father of Wm b1582 Ripe, SSX Peter Hansell 1626 Hellingly SSX s/o John What do others think about a possible connection between the names HANSELL & HOUNSELL? Sometimes HANSELL is spelt HANDSELL e.g Edward Handsell and Elizabeth had son John 1706 @ Shrivenham, Berkshire. HANDSELL could come from HANSELL or HOUNDSELL (or something esle altogether, of course). Personally, I go for HANSELL/ANSELL being from Anselmus and HOUNSELL being from Houndshill - but am not at all sure. HOUNSELL seems to be predominantly a Dorset name, whereas HANSELL/ANSELL is all over the place. Karen


Hi all, Here are some Hounsell's from the Dorset Poll books 1807 HOUNSELL Edmund Nettlecombe Nettlecombe HOUNSELL Job Bradpole Bradpole HOUNSELL John Bradpole Bridport HOUNSELL Robert Bradpole Bradpole HOUNSELL Thomas Bridport Bridport HOUNSELL Thomas Stockland Stockland North HOUNSELL William Bridport Bridport Kind regards Sue Greene

Hi Sue, Thanks for posting some Hounsells from the Dorset Poll books 1807 I can identify a couple of them
HOUNSELL Job - Bradpole - Bradpole

HOUNSELL Robert - Bradpole - Bradpole
These were two brothers who were baptised in Powerstock and then moved with their parents Robert and Susannah Hounsell to Bridport c 1750 and later to Bradpole. They were left property in Bradpole by their father Robert Snr who was a sailcloth weaver in his will (1784). Job was buried in Bradpole in 1813 age 74 and Robert in Bridport in 1834 age 92 Regards Maureen Bowler Caerphilly, South Wales

Evening all
Below is a list of Hounsell's on the 1891 census for Dorset hope you find some one belonging to you. I have the 1851 to come then the 1871 for all Dorset, will do them as I get time. Kind regards Sue.
Census Place
1891 Dorset

Name Age Rel. to head Occupation Birth Place
Absalom 58 hd Hemp Dresser Bridport Dorset
Ada 22 da School Mistress Bridport Dorset
Alice 5 da pupil Allington Dorset
Alice 5 da pupil Allington Dorset

10 da pupil Allington Dorset
Arthur 12 so Scholar Bridport Dorset
Bessie 10 da pupil Allington Dorset
Charles 7 so Scholar Bridport Dorset
Darius 64 hd Flax Dress/Milkman Bridport Dorset
David 9 so Scholar Bridport Dorset
Eliza 35 wi   Bridport Dorset
Elizabeth 12 da Scholar Bridport Dorset
Elizabeth 66 wi   Bridport Dorset
Ellen 53 wi   Bridport Dorset
Ellen 37 wi Dressmaker Bridport Dorset

12 da pupil Allington Dorset
Emily 32 wi   Bridport Dorset
Emma Sarah 54 mo Living own means Bridport Dorset
Florrie 9 da Scholar Bridport Dorset
Frederick 3 so   Bridport Dorset
Frederick 6 so   Oldham Dorset
George 36 hd Machine Fitter Bridport Dorset
George 9 so Scholar Bridport Dorset
George 11 so Scholar Bridport Dorset

3 da   Bridport Dorset
Harold 7m so   Bridport Dorset

Henry H
17 so Architecs. Surv Ass Bradpole Dorset
Henry Robert 48 hd Fishing Net Manfr'r Allington Dorset
Jane Annie 33 wi   Bridport Dorset
John 38 hd Living own means llington Dorset
John 8 so pu Allington Dorset
Joseph H 20 vi Mailcart Driver Lyme Regis Dorset
Julia 39 wi   Bridport Dorset
Lilly 14 da Dressmaker Bridport Dorset
Lily 6 da Scholar Bridport Dorset
Lucy 65 wi   Bridport Dorset
Margaret 3 da Scholar Bridport Dorset
Mary 10 da Scholar Bridport Dorset
Minnie 13 da Pu Allington Dorset

33 hd Needlewoman Bridport Dorset
Ralph 11m so   Bridport Dorset

68 hd Mariner Bridport Dorset
Robert 5 so Pu Bridport Dorset
Robert 17 so Farm Lab Bridport Dorset
Robert George 5 so   Bridport Dorset
Robert G 32 hd Grocers Asst Bridport Dorset

7 da Scholar Bridport Dorset

44 wi Bridport Dorset
Thomas 34 hd Milkman Bridport Dorset
Thomas 1 so   Bridport Dorset

Thomas W
47 lg Living own means Bridport Dorset

Tom John
38 hd Carpenter & Joiner Bridport Dorset

71 br JP For Dorset Bridport Dorset
William G H 11 so pupil Allington Dorset
Willie 4 so Scholar Bridport Dorset

From - Sue Greene

Morning all,

Below is the index of Hounsell's on the 1851 census for Dorset. Hope you find some of your family Kind regards Sue Greene

Ann Eliza . 21 Flax spinner Bridport Dors 194
Charles 15 Scholar Bridport Dors. 198
David 18 Line & ropemaker Bridport Dors. 214
Edward 13   Bridport Dors. 296
Eli 14 Lab Bridport Dors. 214
Eliza 36   Bridport Dors. 266
Eliza 17 Twine spinner Bridport Dors 321
Eliza J 46   Creech St. Michael Som. 296
Elizabeth 22   Bridport Dors. 194



20 Hemp dresser Bridport Dors. 198
Elizabeth 8 Scholar Bridport Dors 266
Elizabeth 26 Twine spinner Bridport Dors. 271
Elizabeth 60 Twine spinner Netherbury Dors. 3211
Emily 16   Bridport Dors. 296
George C 9   Bridport Dors. 296
Harriet 11 Twine spinner Bridport Dors. 198
Harriet 2   Bridport Dors. 266
Henry S 11 Scholar Burton Bradstock Dors. 240
Henry S 22 Surgeon Bridport Dors. 296
Herbert E 21 Twine merchant . Bridport Dors 296
Jane 80   Poole Dors. 269
Job 50 Coal Carrier Poole Dors. 198
John 44 Mason Bridport Dors. 266
John 5m   Bridport Dors. 266
John 59 Surgeon Bridport Dors. 296
John 24 Miller Bradpole Dors. 271
Joseph 61 Twine merchant Bridport Dors. 291
Josiah 20 Butcher Bridport Dors. 266
Louisa 11   Bridport Dors. 296
Martha 16 Dressmaker Bridport Dors. 214
Martha 52 Nurse Shepton Mallet Som. 198
Martha 65   Symondsbury Dors. 214
Martha 35   Burton Bradstock Dors. 240
Mary 2m   Bridport Dors. 271
Mary Ann 1   Symondsbury Dors. 240
Mary Ann 14   Bridport Dors. 266
Mary J 17   Bridport Dors. 296
Pheoby . 53   Bradpole Dors 271
Richard 25 Factor Bridport Dors. 271
Sarah 3 Scholar Bridport Dors 266
William 60 White Smith Bridport Dors 214